Mosquito Control Program

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Nothing is worse than sitting on a chair in your yard in the summer evening, enjoying a drink, when suddenly you’re attacked by mosquitos.

  • Mosquito bites hurt, leaving you with a raised bump that itches.
  • Mosquitos can carry diseases, making them a health risk.
  • Guests will not be impressed by the presence of mosquitos in your yard.

Mosquito spray smells and can be a mess, and burning candles or using other devices can be a real hassle.

We can help you get rid of a mosquito problem fast. With a monthly application of a specialized spray, we cover your entire property, ensuring the mosquito infestation doesn’t start back up. Start enjoying your time outside.

10 Visits – Mosquito Control

Monthly treatments targeting common mosquito harborage areas like shrubs, mulch and potted plants

Kills mosquitos on contact-­‐continues to kill and repel mosquitos that land on the treated area for up to 1 month.

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