Termite Control Program

Shark Home Services does more than just care for your lawn. We help you address many concerns and problems, so your home and yard look their best and are enjoyable to use.

Instead of just waiting for termites to invade your property, take steps to avoid the problem. After all, termites will destroy anything wood, including floor joists, wall framing, doorways, and even furniture.

A termite problem often goes on for months or even years before you notice any symptoms like termite swarms flying in your yard, mud tunnels on the foundation, holes in the drywall, or termite droppings on the floor. Instead of waiting, act now to avoid dealing with this destructive and potentially expensive problem.

We can spray to keep termites away, plus place baits to curb any termite problem. Even if your property isn’t infested now, this service will keep it that way.

Offers immediate protection, as well as protection from future infestations, throughout the duration of the product plan.

Comprehensive inspection to identify active termite activity or favorable conditions that would attract termite activity. Application of liquid treatment. Annual inspections for as long as you keep your plan.

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